3CCD & Manual Exposure ***** vx never gets old***** | Filmed by Mario Cano

These are the kind of edits I live for. You really can't go wrong here. Heavy hitters just having fun skateboarding. And on VX in buttery Barcelona? Let's go! Filmed by the amazing ball of energy, Mario Cano. This dude has a passion for skateboarding and it shows in his work. He definitely deserves more recognition, you have probably seen clips he's filmed before, dude is out there putting in work behind the lens!

Making edits like this on top of all of the professional work he does shows his true dedication to getting out there and filming with the homies. 

Skateboarders in order of appearance: Adam Taylor, Kilian Zehnder, Enrique Lorenzo, Dylan, Nacho Climent, Gabriel Summers, Derek Swaim, Ryan Lepore, Stewie Petar, Nassim Lachhab & Daniel Zapata.

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