Al Carrer Skatebshop | Paral-lel Back in the Dayz

Any skateboarder can feel the pain of having a spot taken away, but when they took down Paral Lel pads in Barcelona, it was a pain felt all over the world by 1. everyone who had ever skated them and 2. To all of the others who wanted to skate it. This spot spot people traveled from all over the world to experience had become a piece skateboarding of history. . . 

Until Al Career Skateshop was able to negotiate their way into constructing a replica of the original manual pad. How they are able to make things like this happen, I have no clue, but any skate community would benefit immensely from this kind of initiative. 

Successful projects like this show the true power of when skate community develops a positive relationship with cities and property owners in regards to skate spots, plazas, DIY's, and skateparks. Amazing spots can happen with some proper communication! 


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