Al Carrer Skateshop in Barcelona just put out this incredibly soulful full length entitled, PROMO. This video embodies, in my opinion, everything a skateboarding scene needs to thrive regardless of economic situations. The support of the youth through skateboarding lessons and meetups, the laughter, the heavy tricks, the sketchy tricks, and the overall love for skateboarding that is more than apparent in this film. It also features some of our favorite Brazilians, Wesley Cardoso, Tiago Lima, and Niet Pires who all can be spotted on the board in various Trabajando videos  

There is some Cali footage of Niet that is quite stylish, although we would love to see him and the Brazilian crew come to skate Chicago one day!

The way Bruno Rocha swerves with the camera through the Barcelona streets is truly unique. So many underground spots are highlighted on top of well known, or classic spots. There may be no better filmer for Tiago Lima, as Bruno seems perfectly capable of sending it down the steepest of hills right next to Tiago, who is about as close to a Samurai on a skateboard as it gets. If you didn't know now you do. Check out his "Ronin" part here!

P R E S E R V E L A C U L T U R A.

Wesley Cardoso, Wagner Gallo, Rafael Cav, Niet Pires, Thiago Lima, Rafael Reis, Henry Fischer, Akira Utida, Leandro Fischer, Matheus Du Bronks. Al Carrer PROMO 2020. A video by: Bruno Rocha

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