Benjamin Frayce | Travel Around | Video Part for Emerald Queen Farm + Interview

Our good friend Benji (Ben G) has been dropping hammers one after another and finally gets to show us what he's been working on! He also came through with the Traba-tribute with his song choice too, that means a ton! Watching this dude progress over the years is mind blowing. Each part always has new tricks, and bigger drops. It would be like one day he's talking about how he wants to learn a trick, and the next day he's doing it, all while having the best time! 

When did you start skating?

I was 9years old :)

What made you want to move to Barcelona?

Barcelona is the capital of skateboarding for me, I went there since I was 13 with Victor Campillo for summer trips, then I got addicted..

Just like everyone else! How has life and skate travel been with the pandemic?

Well I endured the quarantine in Barcelona which was really bad. Then we could skate again, after a few months I was already taking trips again without too many problems. I discovered Péru and some places in Europe I never been, it was dope!

What was the lockdown like for skating?

At the lockdown my right hand was fucked, so I took a break from skating and started doing yoga.

How did you end up getting sponsored by emerald farms?

I was traveling in the Northern California around the weed farms and I found a Halloween skate party at Emerald Queen Farm. One of the best parties ever!! We had a great connexion and it all started from there!

What is your favorite part about this part?

I like a lot the skate-travel-souvenirs from Hambourg and Prague.

Your favorite part about skateboarding in general?


What pushes you to learn new tricks?

Passion!! The possibilities are infinite

What should we be expecting from you in the future?!

In the future I hope I will be able to flight to the U.S again like this I could be back with the Emerald Queen Farm Family again!

Photo: Julien Deniau



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