Creature Fiend Club: Joe Milazzo

I am extremely hyped and proud to see Joe Milazzo getting the recognition he deserves. On top of the near 5 minute part full of hammers, he got a 6 page feature in the April 2021 issue of Thrasher. 

The amount of footage this dude can stack in a day is just unreal.

He filmed more than a part worth of footage in my home town of Oak Park over a few days we ended up not skating Chicago or somewhere out in the cornfields. Check his footage in Out of the Loop. We also filmed a short a part for Trabajando 4, and have a hefty one in the works for volume five, this man has no shortage of footage. Dude is a skateboarding machine!

I can honestly also say that Joe has influenced my skateboarding by a fair margin as well. There is simply so much to be learned from his approach to skateboarding that can make difference in so many ways. Watching him skate almost makes you realize certain ways things can be done that you would not expect, and certainly makes you rethink what's possible. Joe can take advantage of the smallest and largest of bumps, banks, the steepest transition or the most gnarly hillbomb. The world is this man's oyster, how else can we say it.   

This part is no doubt the Joe's best part to date. Every trick seems well curated, who knows how many minutes of footage lie on the cutting room floor. Knowing Joe and how much he loves skating, this is just the very beginning of what's to come. 

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