Cristopher Gomez Mora | Summer Nights Video Part + Interview

Cristopher Gomez Mora aka CGM is a steezy technician out of Indiana who you may not have heard of, but now you have. We got together for a little chat about the part for your enjoyment. If you are from the midwest, this is definitely a face you want to recognize, but as this man travels, I'm sure more people will remember the steez. 

Where do you live, where did you start skating? How long have you been skating?

I live in a small town in Indiana called Goshen, I basically started skating at the age of five on and off til' I was 8/9 and really started to stick with it. All I had to skate was my driveway and my brothers rail from when he used to skate.

Who is sponsoring you right now?

My current sponsors, Prosper skate shop and I get hook ups from the homie Corey from Trabajando skate he hooks it up with some pretty dope clothes. Also, my homey from hedonist clothing so go peep there Instas and get yourself some clothes!

What made you want to put together a solid part instead of just dropping clips on instagram?

The way this came about was I’m working on a video part right now and I was telling my homie I wanted to do like a little video for the summer time and since he just got a new fisheye. I pitched the idea to him and he was on board with it so we filmed for a few months throughout the summer time and a little bit of fall. There was a lot of stuff I really wanted to film for this little project, but I had rolled my ankle in the summer and then a month after rolling it I ended up spraining it even worse at this seven stair spot so that kind of dragged for another like month and a half two months. I still drop clips on Instagram from time to time of old footage that I’ve been sitting on. I probably wasn’t going to use anymore.

Random question, what's the key to holding a crooked grind?

For back crooks you just got a stand on top of your front leg when you’re on the grind and put more of your weight on the heels so you’re really locked in on it and as long as you just lean forward a little bit towards your right shoulder you should be able to just hold that thing from start to finish.

That's what's up, take notes kids. So, where are most of the spots in this video?

A lot of the spots in this video are pretty close to me, about our hour and a half out from my hometown - so there’s Fort Wayne Indiana Purdue University, Chicago, and a couple of them were in Cali from my recent trip.

How long did it take to get all this footage?

I want to say it from the start of summer to fall, considering the fact that I had two back to back ankle injuries, and I had to sit out for a while.

What was the hardest trick for you to do in this part?

That’s a tough one because I went back five different times for the last clip with the line with the varial heel and the front feeble at the elementary school rail. The Varial heel was tough because every time I went back it was towards late in the afternoon, so I had maybe two hours of daylight before it got dark. I stuck it once and then it was too dark for me to want to keep going so I had to come back another day and luckily the fifth time going back was the one that I was, I managed to roll away from. The front feeble was a little bit tougher because you don’t have a lotta runway for that rail - the grounds kind of like gravel and you can’t see it in the clip but there’s a lot of kinks in the rail from people backing up and like accidentally hitting it. That one I easily spent about two hours almost 3 each time I went back to go try it. At least four out of those five times I made it either close to the very end or I was a few feet away from the end. So on the last trip to the rail I said no I’m walking away with it today. I’m not coming back if I don’t do it, or I’m walking away with it today and then hour or so into it I managed to just hold on to that one I made it to the end.

What is your favorite clip in the part?

My favorite clip in the video would have to be the Nollie noseslide nollie flip to fakie out because I’ve been wanting to do that trick for the longest on a long ledge, and we had just refreshed that ledge and it has a good length to it, and I was more hyped on it because it was like my first official night clip!

Ever think about going to Barcelona?

Yeah, for sure Barcelona is a spot I definitely want to go to whenever the opportunity presents itself in my life they just got all the best skate spots. It’s basically like you’re in a video game from all the videos I watched growing up.

What do you have planned for the future?

What do I have planned for the future? Try and stay healthier more active I am aiming to finish my video part. Don’t quote me but by fall 2026. This one will for sure be like my best video part in my opinion because it’ll show the progression from my last video part and previous parts and for sure it won’t be my last. So keep an eye out for that and I'll be traveling more.

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