Cultura | VX1000 Edit by Daniel Galli

Watch what the heavy hitting Brazilians do just for fun. Daniel Galli takes a vacation to New York, and joins forces with the likes of Yuri Faccini and many other Brasilian beasts. Add VX1000 and the rest is history. Full article on Quartersnacks. Daniel is one of the most productive filmers out there, its like every other day you see his name as a filmer credit on some major skate media outlet, it only makes sense that he's still going to make a project on his vacation! Man knows how to have a good time! 

Now let's all put in a prayer to see this crew hit the midwest, and bless some crusty spots!   

Featureing: Yuri Facchini, Felipe Munhoz, Gui Silva, Andre Costa, Brad Saunders, Gabriel Madra.

Filmed and edited by Daniel Galli.

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