Brian Panebianco has done it once again, and created an inspirational classic, and this time more than ever, coming in hot with his own selection of tricks on just to top off his incredible display of cinematography skills for the release of the legendary (or should we say ledgendary) Sabotage x DC Lynx Shoe. These dudes put in more work than one could possibly imagine. Un-knobbing and repairing spots, in our eyes, they are elite skateboarding soldiers, paving new ground in now only in tricks, but style and finesse as well. We got Josh Kalis, John Shannahan, Kevin Bilyeu, & Brian throwing down hard plus some fresh talent that we hope to see more of as well! Some fresh Chicago and Barcelona clips in there too, you know we love that mix! 

We know that this shoe combined with Love park created a style that is more alive than ever. DC was nice enough to release a now documentary about Philadelphia skateboarding and how Sabotage breathes new life into it. Check it out below! 

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