Element Skateboards "Deux Rives" Video | Cesar Dubroca Spotlight

Ever tied your board to your shoe so you can skate sketchy spots next to water?

César Dubroca and Victor Casgarigny give us a tour de Paris repping Element Skateboards. Just to give it that extra French touch, the animations where done by Cesar, and the music by Victor.  

I had the pleasure of hanging with Cesar in Paris, and then in Chicago for a few weeks while filming part for Trabajando 4 back in 2017.

Dude is a power house!

T-Bone Steak and eggs for breakfast and Cesar is off to do something big. No matter what city he finds himself in, he will find something conquer! On top of that he is a meticulous artist with an impressive resume. He also dropped a part for Volcom earlier this year via Solo. 

Filmed and edited by Guillaume Permimony 

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