Eleven Gates | Full Length | By Frosch

Eleven Gates - as in visiting eleven countries. Let's just start with that. Just with that you will have seen so many spots, and countless homies. Daniel “Frosch” Winkenhoff’s somehow instant classic of a first ever full length packed full of footage from many favorites and full parts by Ilja Judizki, Timo Meier, Tabo Löchelt & Daniel himself.

Full lengths are one of the hardest things in skateboarding to pull off, and it is especially impressive when someone does it from a place of passion. It's like there is a feeling that only an independent skate video give you. The inspiration from watching comes from knowing that all of the footage you are seeing was done out of love.

There are obvious deadlines and marketing moves that will play into the full-length video of an established company. In most cases, that takes away something from the end product. It affects everything from who they choose to give the main parts to, the music, everything.

When you are working on an independent video, everything gets be exactly how you want it, and that shows in this video. Frosch filmed no shortage of amazing B-Roll just to give you this fully immersed feeling that I feel like almost feels like I've been taken back to the days of what videos were looking like before the advent of Instagram.

Obviously it's really important that companies make full length videos as well, but we need remember that skateboarding is what got us here. It's pretty hard to go wrong with pure skateboarding. Ever notice when people get really tired of a skate world saturated with gimmicks, its the rawest, purest stuff that seems to bring everyone back to reality. 

Filmed in / Germany, Spain, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal & Sweden

Feat. / Adam Karpil, Alex Greif, Alex Gumprecht, Alex Heuer, Alex Lekinho, Alex Paschalis, Alex Pavlidis, Ali Jbilou, Bartosz Jugenstag, Briston Basola, Buchi Sergi Marques, Carlos Wong, Cesar Moreno, Chignon Santi Origel, Chris Mühlendick, Christos Seferlis, Daniel Ledermann, Daniel Winkenhoff, Danny Ruiz, Denito Truoang, Denny Brown, Denny Pham, Diego Xicali, Dlamini Dlamini, Domi Maul, Efe Elver, Erick Silva, Erik Müller, Flo Marfaing, Flo Porath, Franki Rendon, Gustavo Aguirre, Harry Bulgrin, Ilja Judizki, Jamil Shatry, Jan Husar, Kanya Spani, Ken Gineer, Kenny Suckrow, Kenny Svedlin, Konsta Saarinen, Leon Merschmann, Lorenz Rammelsberger, Maik Buschkämper, Maja Majaczesc, Manny Martin, Manos Kuriakousis, Martin Meli, Martin Saavedra, Marius Yogarius, Max Wülfert, Pascal Reif, Pascal Tawadros, Patrick Herrig, Patryk Glabien, Pirkka Pollari, Quirin Staudt, Raul Wong, Sakari Leskinen, Samuel Vroman, Sandro Brett, Sebastian Prince, Tabo Löchelt, Tim Janke, Timo Meier, Tjark Damerius, Tony Lopez, Valentin Ott, Vince Zeh, Vincent Heller, Victor Gracia, Victor Souza, Wanja Bach

Photography / Chris Muehle

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