GIZAONEMILLION | Full Length + Interview with Ryan Beauchamp, Julian Shearer, and Gino Buttitta

There is nothing better than watching the next generation come up with their own flavor. "gizaonemillion" the latest Chicago based full length from Ryan Beauchamp is nothing short of a breath of fresh air in today's world of insta edits and "Tik Tok Skaters". Projects like these are becoming harder to find within the latest generation of skateboarders, so I wanted to shine some light on what they've been up to.

I always see Julian and Gino at the skatepark but rarely get to skate street with them (this will change soon) so its awesome to see what they had cooking up. 

Julian Shearer: Wallride | Photo @macswell

What made you want to film on a camera and make the video the way you did when you could of easily just made insta edits like everyone else?

Ryan: we started filming this video like right before winter and we were just having fun street skating and messing around but we started to get a good amount of sick clips so the past month or so we were going out every chance we could and just filming everyday wherever we were

How did GIZA come to life?

Ryan: Honestly the video and shirts came really naturally because we were already skating street and just hanging out with each other all the time so we wanted to see what would happen if we actually tried and focused on something

Do you have any statements on why there's not so many videos coming out like this from homies your age? Am I just missing them? I was also wondering, was there ever a moment you remember when this project went from being something small to something big or did you guys always want have it in mind you were gunna make a larger video?

Gino: The biggest reason we chose to film a video over an instagram edit or something similar is that it’s just much more exciting and fulfilling. Being able to go skate street over a park adds flavor to skateboarding and gives everyone something to works towards.

The thing about instagram edits is they kinda go away after a little bit, a video lasts.

Julian: I think a lot of kids in our age group kinda just stay at the park and don’t really go out in the streets and actually film but there definitely are some homies putting out sick videos like Brendan Hollis and Thompson Geraghty

I guess we were just having fun and getting as much footy as possible.

What do you guys typically do on a good skate mission?

Julian: Usually when we go and film we plan out a few different spots and just drive around and get whatever we can.

Gino: My favorite moments filming was when i drove with Julian to Waukegan to meet up with the other guys and just skated all afternoon.

Where can I get some of that merch?

Ryan: The shirts are just something I started to make and give out to my friends I can’t imagine we’re gonna be really selling any shirts on like a website or anything but there’s a good amount that are around so if you find em' you can get em'!

When's the next video coming out?

Ryan: As for the next video that’s another topic of debate it just kind of depends on life shit maybe a little something at the end of summer but there’s definitely more stuff coming!

Gino: We do plan on filming more, our homie Jake got a nice camera, and Ryan plans on filming more when he comes back from Maine.

Any shout outs?

Julian: Shouts out to Ryan for putting this together and dez for being so good!

Gino: Shoutout to Ryan Beauchamp fosho. Never complained once about filming and did an amazing job editing and putting everything together, and shoutout to all of Giza, nicest dudes ever!


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