Gronze | SAT 2

Gronze has accomplished many enviable feats in skateboard, many of which involve switch flips, switch tre flips, and outstanding levels of G, but the most enviable ability he may have is his ability to use 80's tracks in his edits time after time. It's something that sets this crew apart, and gives you something to look forward to. These musical choices, I respect the music choices because

I always wanted to use songs like this in my edits, and usually receive enough pushback from skaters for these tracks only to appear in my video parts.

Alas, Gronze is a voice for every skater who feels the power of 80's techno mixed with some good skateboarding! In my eyes, 80's music to skateboarding is a sign that whoever is involved is having a sh*t ton of fun. 

This edit features many favorites such as Fred Plaques Santos, Pierre Leze, Titi Gormit, Ronaldo Alanso, Luis Aponte, the boss Max Geronzi himself, some new faces, and some post covid travelers as well! 

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