HOMAGE | Full Length | Houston Texas

H O M A G E 

A Short-Length by John Danielson


This video lives up to the standard of "Everything is bigger in Texas". It couldn't be any better, from the well thought out intro to the insanely long rails and hubbas hit by Aaron Wilson, a variety of music genres that all seemed to fit well heavy hitters all throughout the homie section, and a 5 minute part from David Langston that was mind blowing. To top it off the filming and editing just took the experience to the next level, paying homage to the spots, and skaters of brought them alive. Some of clips where filmed so good it felt like I was watching it in person.  

Filmed and edited by John Danielson

Some last notes, in case you had a similar thought, 20-25 minutes has become an acceptable duration for full lengths, so when label this a "Short Length", one could only imagine that a full length from this crew would be pretty serious. Looking forward to more Texas action!   

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