John Wilson | Chicago

You know we are quick to post a Chicago edit but this one is special.

John Wilson and the Supreme Team came to Chicago for their new store opening and made an edit that looks like a taste of much more Chicago coverage in the future! It's also always cool to see east coast and midwest scenes blending a bit.  

All of the spots in this video are within a one mile radius, and they still managed to bust out some Chicago NBD's! Imagine if they really explored the city!  

Featuring: Sean Pablo, Efron Danzig, Seven Strong, Josh Kalis, Sully Cormier, Nick Matthews, Kris Brown, Caleb Barnett, Ben Kadow, Nik Stain, Vincent Touzery, and Tyshawn Jones

Additional filming by Blake Matthews and Alex Greenberg

Those Tyshawn Clips though! 

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