Katon Black Love Video Part | Chicago | VX1000

Katon has been pumping out VX1000 videos left and right over the past year, and this one, titled "Love" is a relaxing watch but still has lots of tasteful tricks. It's always nice to see some relatable clips with lot of laughs to some good music!

Some words from Katon about the part. 

"I recently dropped a little fall/winter project entitled “Love”. Filmed by Evan Siebert. Just a little something we been working on since Seamoss. A three minute part full of laughs, similes, and “love”. This part was definitely meaningful, firstly because it was my second part ever filmed in Chicago, the city I was born and raised in! And my second video I worked on with my homie Evan. Was also mad meaningful because filming for this was a cold ass experience. Literally!! Got the second to last clip in the video on one cold ass night in November. Such a simple spot yet I had so much fun skating these steps for like an hour and it was freezing but I really wanted to get the clip cleaner, so we kept going for it. This is easily my favorite clip from the part even though it isn’t the craziest or most tech thing I’ve ever done, just something I “love” about skateboarding! I it just put together for the “love” of it all! Huge appreciation goes out to my filmer Evan Siebert. Additional filming by Justis Walton, David Buchanan, and Carlos Cortez!!"

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