Lucky Sports Day - FULL LENGTH + Interview with Ryan Beauchamp

It's always good sign when a crew just can't get enough of the streets. The Giza squad, is no exception, they be outside. 

If you want to be a little more familiar with this squad before diving in, to the latest installment by Ryan Beauchamp, check out the interview we did for their first video! And you can't forget Chrome Street

Now that you are have been familiarized, let's peep this interview / full length! 

Corey: First and foremost How did you end up with the name Lucky Sports Day?

Ryan: Haha, hell yeah the name is something we came up with on the way to the premiere we just asked our homie matt and that was the first thing he said.

That makes it even better!

You guys must have a experienced a lot of busts skating in the Chicago loop all the time, how do you deal with security?

A lot of times just me and skater would have to go to spots to be more lowkey, sometimes later at night we would get lucky but it’s definitely pretty hard.

Where outside of Chicago did you guys travel for this video?

A handful of us went to Atlanta for a couple days when we started filming and that was a great trip, I hadn’t seen them for a few months and there’s so many spots down there everyone was super hyped the whole time. We also went to Madison and Milwaukee a couple times too.

Skate trips always have a special magic to the clips. 

What camera are you using now? What made you want to get it? How are you liking it?

I use a hvx-200, for me its a lot easier to import and rewatch footage than a vx. I lost quite a few clips from when I used a vx and that sucked so using the hd is just a little less to deal with.

True that, VX can be super rough.

Was it hard to convince the homies not to post footage before the video? What was that like?

Everyone was pretty hyped to make a video so I don't think anyone wanted to post until everything was all together.

Did you guys make any spots for this video?
I don’t think we made any spots.

But we definitely spent a lot of time looking for stuff that hasn't been skated.

What was the craziest experience you guys had while filming this video?

We always run into some fried shit when we’re out filming, usually just people tweaking but it’s always fun to show love.

What makes you want to keep the camera out during all of the moments of hijinx? Sometimes I can be quick to put the camera down. Its good to see people willing to get the nitty gritty.

Like I said for some reason there's always fried ass shit when we’re filming so I try to keep the camera rolling or even just on the skater cause you never know.

Looking forward to seeing another video with the same crew! Anything in the works?

We’ve been filming since the last video so we’ll see how much footage we can get but hopefully in a few months we’ll have another video.

 Any last words, shoutouts ?

Shoutout to Spikeball and Sam Houseal!

Can you make me a Giza shirt?

I definitely got you with a shirt soon, I’ve been working on the quality and stuff but right now I’ve got a bunch of stickers I’d be stoked to give you


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