Mirza Jasarovic | SIDE-LOT | Video Part

This part will keep your eyes glued to the screen, especially when you realize that you're watching the dude who filmed the video. There is something special about a filmer who skates hard on camera, knowing very well every clip might not always be filmed by someone who actually films. It shows his true love for the game. The editing, the B-roll, and aesthetic from homies who care, make for a part that makes you feel something, and one that deserves more views. 

Des Moines, Iowa does not get a lot of attention but, for a rarely mentioned midwest city, it has a growing scene, and plenty of interesting spots! Subsect Skateshop is holding it down out there! Peep the full video below! 

SIDE-LOT from Mirza Jasarovic on Vimeo.


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