Nozbone "Demain" | Paris | VX1000

Nozbone Skateshop in Paris put out this VX flavored street edit titled "Demain" (tomorrow in french), featuring one of the original VX1000 commercials. It's got some tricks from the homie, César Dubroca who had a Paris / Chicago mixed part in Trabajando 4, and Pierre Subra, who did the steezy Republique line in the Paris section of the same video.
"Demain" filmed and edited by Ludovic Azémar with Pierre Subra, Hugo Corbin, Luca Barattiero, Morgan Katomba, César Dubroca, Bertrand Soubrier, Léo Cruz, Sylvain Tognelli, Joseph Biais, Amélien Foures, Ben Jemmapes, Etienne Chatelain. Cameramans Ludovic Azemar, Jimmy Cholley, Elliot Bonnabel, Romain Batard, Thomas Courteille, Andrea Dupre, Esteve Femenias, Olivier Fanchon, Edouard Depaz, James Cruickshank, Kaissan, Léo Labadens, Yoan Malvoisin, Quenton Boillon, Matéo Da Silva.

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