Politic Brand | Blew By You | VX1000

Politic released an update featuring a grip of gritty midwest spots, some  east coast gems and legends, and making the best of it all together on VX1000 with some good tunes. Also, that footage of Japhey Dow = wow. Dude has some Sour Solution vibes.

Featuring Joshua Bos, Zach Dykes, Shawn Macmillan, Riley Vaughn, Brian Powderly, Dave Caddo, Ross Norman, Danny Renaud and Japhey Dow.

Edit: Corey Rosson

Filmed by: Adam Bos, Kevin Delgrosso, Corey Rosson, Michael Breitmaier, Martin Wilson, Thomas Purtell, Cameron Dumaine, Logan Matthews and Nick Kassebaum.

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