Postcard Skateboards | Onlooker Waiting | Full Length

Anthony Randazzo surprises us with this elegant black and white Chicago full length featuring tons of familiar faces! The B-Roll scenes for this video are so well weaved with the skate clips to the point that this video feels like an experimental skate film. The masterful 16mm film angles and photo prints bring us into a daze that Anthony described in his synopsis of the video. 

"Composed over four years, Onlooker, Waiting constructs a vision of Chicago skateboarding as a downbeat daydream. Although stylistically narrow, it includes an array of local faces, arranged in a non-conventional structure, with a mixture of film, digital, and print mediums."

In Association with Red Skate Mag Presented by PostCard


Anthony & Christian Randazzo

Carlo Alvar

Dom Palarchio

Cj Kelly

Matt Ortiz

Jake Mayhew

Sean Cullen

Elia Esparza

Brian Sher

Dom Chiodo

Kevin Scutchfield

Hayden Burns

Andy Sisomboune

John Pak

Frankie Wendling

Andy Baxter

Jake DeSantis

Pat O’Brien

Brady Spandet

Jake Cook

Cameron Szabo

Cole Hosman

Michael Kist

Cody Kauss

Brett Weinstein

Alex Keck

Corey Stubing

Corey Glick

Peter Scalett

Eddie Fonnegra

Chris Walsh

Track List:

“Inside The Static Cult” – Valium Aggelein

“Hey, Hey, Hey” – Transona Five

“Heel Turn Vocal Version” – Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland

“Crossed The Tracks” – Duster

“Fruit Boy” – Dan English

“Reverie #3” – Hold Music

“Don't Bother They're Here” – Stars Of The Lid

“The Present” – Bedhead

Thanks To:

Jake Joiner - Lighting

Keanna Boyko - Printing

Alek Karras - Model

Joshua Long - Location

Kate Bewley - Model

Negative Space - 16mm Scan

Spudnik Press - Riso

Color Lab - Developing

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