QTB TV: PPGCASPER MIX | Chicago Skateboarding Edit

Chris Tellez is a Chicago filmer who has figured out a way blend skating and music together in a way we don't see very often. This should be considered it's own genre. PPGCASPER is a huge fan of skateboarding and can definitely ollie a decent sized set of stairs.

In a creative pinch during a time where we cannot have big shows, QTB and Prosper Skateshop signed on to put out an edit with some unreleased PPGCASPER music. That's right, the only place you can hear this music is in this video. 

On top of that, it's got a ton of Chicago footage that we are just seeing for the first time, December is video release season in the Midwest, so all of the summer's bangers are in this. 

Some words from Chris

"Don’t know if this is weird to say but I like making videos not because the skating itself but more of because of how versatile you can be with skateboarding, I can make an informative video or a lyrics video and still make it entertaining, not sure if that’s just me but I’m excited to try any and every type of video I can squeeze skateboarding in 2021" 

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