ROSA ENT "ROULETTE" video gets straight down to business; we're seeing tricks within ten seconds, then it just keeps going, many famous spots, and an equal amount of super cutty. You can tell they are going from city to city all over the US just stacking clips. The VX filming, colors, editing, and music choices are all prime. Each part has its own personality. Brothers Joe and Mike Krok start and finish the video with first and last parts. We see a good mix of Chicago, Detroit, Miami, New York, AZ, and more. We had the pleasure of running into them an hour outside of Chicago filming clips in DeKalb, cool dudes! They worked hard for still made it look easy in the end, so sit back and enjoy the show!  

Filmed and edited: Kyle Eby

Joe Krok

Tony Christopher

Zach Miyamoto

Brennan Richman

Alex Knox

Zach Horkan

Mike Krok 

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