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The legendary, or should we say ledgendary skate spot, Sants, is at risk of destruction. A movement called SNT4EVER has been organizing events, spreading news and making efforts to save and improve the plaza for skateboarding as a multi purpose area. Multipurpose areas increase the quality of life in urban environments by allowing many different people to interact and engage in different activities. MACBA in Barcelona is a perfect example, you see people dancing in groups, playing soccer, hoola-hooping, and tons of people sitting and watching on their way to or from work. They have set hours when skating is allowed, and they enforce it. Most of the real problems that happen in an environment like that usually not even skate related. Skateboarders have more of a tendency to revitalize plazas more than degrade them when given a chance to actually be allowed to skate. Here is an article that goes into this subject in more detail.

The skateboarding community of Barcelona has a history of finding ways to work with the city to make a lot of good things happen for skateboarding. When the city wants to demolish a plaza, the skateboarders make their voices heard to let the city know they want a say in the design, and a place skate that's not just a crappy skatepark. So many city officials need to know that they can do wonders for a large community by allowing certain areas that skating is permitted but not a skatepark. It is starting to happen more. 

"The last week of December 2020 SANTS lost its last icon from the original architect design. It was then when the LOCALS started a new movement called SNT4EVER. SNT4EVER is a non-profit organization that is dedicated not just to save the legendary spot, if not to push the local skateboarding scene in the whole city. Fighting for new spots and multipurpose areas in the city. After 3 month SNT4EVER it’s been in lots of different meetings with the council in order to keep the skateboarding practice in the PLAZA. The 20th of March SNT4EVER did the first demonstration, but not the last. Here you have the result."

Filmed and edited by @b.louzz

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