Since Skateboards | Agora Sim | Brazil 2023 Edit

Travel is such a hot topic in skateboarding, everyone wants to leave where they are from, and go see the world. We often forget however, the more we travel, the more our home becomes foreign to us, especially when you move. As for Adilson, owner of Since Skateboards, an expat from Brazil who now lives in Barcelona, going to his home country is now a vacation for him. Being lucky enough to know this man for over 10 years opened the opportunity for me to take his trip with him and see for myself, where does all that pop come from? 

Well I tried to pop as high as I could for the locals and . .  they had unlimited pop . . . - all jokes aside, I hope you enjoy this montage.

On a side note though, I just want to say, that I witnessed a love for skateboarding and comradery that I've never seen anywhere else. The way that the Brazilians support each other in skateboarding is something the whole world can learn from, but that is something we could spend hours talking about. I'll just leave it with this, the Brazilian Skater handshake.  

Filmed in December 2023 by Adilson Rodrigues

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