Since Skateboards | Weezy 1 1/2 | Video Part

If you watched Pronto, you've seen a few Weezy clips already.  

Weezy is a humble perfectionist in the best way possible. As one of the main riders who puts out footage for Since Skateboards, he runs a clean shop. He always puts in the extra work to feel good about his trick, even if it means doing it multiple times and always hyped to do it. With his variety of tricks, you can always find him tinkering around with something different at one of Barcelona's plazas if he's not out on a mission somewhere. Not everyone is down to get clips after getting home from work, but Weezy is all about it! 

Filmed and Edited by Adilson Rodrigues

Definitely stay on the lookout for more though, he's got a good grip of footage in our next video. 

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