Tai Chi 2 | Paris | Skate Video

A look into the less seen scene of Paris with a mix of O.G.'s and young G's. Shout to Graham Thoms for showing us this one! Gotta love when people mix movie clips into a skate video!

A skate video by Théo CHATELLIER

SKATERS : Florian PROFIT / Profteeh Maxime BOSSAERT / weyozy Benjamin DELABOULAYE / ben_delaboulaye Hadrien HAVERLAND / thetrumanburbank Théo CHATELLIER / insthe0 Cyril TACQUET / cyril_deux_trois Henry FAUDOU / Henrifaudou Nicolas CHICOT / chicco_302 Guillaume BISSERIER / guigs.b_photography Valentin BRINSTER / vbrinster Pierre PROSPERO / pierre.prospero Akim CHERIF / 666hakimthecherif666 Binh NGUYEN / binhax1000 Jérôme SOSSOU / grommmmm Jérôme OLLIVRIE / jay.rhum Romain MARIT / romainmarit Arnaud VERDIER / laverdiance1 Graham THOMS / looflord Kenan BOUCENNA / kenanboucenna Matthieu SOUPLET / matthieu_souplet

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