Timmy Johnson and Max Murphy "Pop Art" Part | Strangelove Skateboards

This part is special to me in a few ways. I was honored and excited when Timmy told me he wanted me to help out with this part. There are a lot of never seen before spots that really showcase how much skating you can do in Chicago without touching the loop. Obviously the loop have some of the best spots, but the entire city is full of spots, and if you are willing to Bondo and rub brick, the options really start to open up. Filming for this part involved a lot of driving around, searching for spots we've never skated, that in itself is so fun to me. Some of the spot we would find required a lot of work, but others we could skate right off the bat.

When we went to Milwaukee to film with Max, I was pleasantly surprised that he is super into fixing shit as well. The bank to stair seen in the part, is an icy masterpiece thanks to his craftmanship (as seen in the his full board graphic) If you check the full article on the strangelove website you can learn more about the graphics! Either way I look forward to making and skating more spots with these dudes!

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