Timo Meier – Morphium Part II

I had a few good sessions with Timo in Barcelona. Julien Merour brought me on a few missions with him and it was always super productive. We did the Tour Des Spots the French way just walking checking everything. If we found a new spot we couldn't resist, we would have to stop can get the clip!

Imagine swiping through google street view looking for spots instead of instagram, that's how it was going down with the French skateboarders. People like this always open my eyes new ways to see spots, and as you can see in the part, this man has a vision.

Timo is also a filmer, so he knows how he wants the end product to look, from the tricks to the video itself. This man was no stranger to going back to spots several times to get a trick, I heard that was the case for the fakie flip down the enormous dirt gap.

He was trying a lot of dope shit during our sessions and got some of it, but I had no idea he was really s t a c k i n g clips. This part is serious, nuff said! 

That part one is mega serious too, though ✨

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