Trabajito | Montage | Jacques Hammond

If Jaques isn't hard at work or enjoying a successful Tinder date, you will find this man out with a group a dudes searching for fresh spots in the outskirts of Barcelona, stacking clips. You can find a good mix of spots and faces in this montage! I even managed to snag a few clips for this edit. Julien has some notable clips along with a few other young French hittas. 

-Side Rant-

Filmers who are capable of filming a lot of skaters are understandably rare, but Jacques is always up for it, down to put in the work, and he brings the good vibes on the sesh when most needed. Man always has a clever way to comment and has funny to say at those moments when you're really frustrated, and it just lightens up the mood. It's insane how crucial that can be to having a good session. Stuff always goes wrong, but when the filmer can go with the flow, it helps keep the morale. It takes a deeper understanding of people, tons of dedication and love for the game. When you meet a filmer who cheers you up after not landing your trick for 2 hours, be nice to them. Buy them a meal.  

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