Trash City Co | Shiesty 2021

The Little Village area of Chicago has been cooking up a lot of skateboarding, and the skateboarders and spots are starting to shine. Chicago is separated in a way that each area more or less has its own skate scene, its own group of spots the locals frequent, skateshops, so on and so forth. Most of the convergence happens in the loop because of its central location. As more videos like this start to pop up, I'm sure we will see more LV spots popping up in more videos. 

Magz, the brains behind Trash City has been making apparel by hand with support of Christian Arevulol behind the camera and Selo and many others on the board. Keeping the motivation is Chicago isn't easy when the weather can break at any moment. When a Chicago video drops it should be considered a breakthrough, never take them for granted as we have gone through many dry eras when it seemed like nothing was coming out.

When I saw videos of crews from other neighborhoods it made me want to skate and get clips asap. Film those tricks on those spots you pass up all the time, you won't be able to do it forever. Bondo, rub brick, concrete, show up at night, do what you gotta do!   

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