troisccd: 'fuckdown' Full Length | Paris | VX1000

Jim Larkz has an eye for the little details we don't always notice and has a way of creating his own unique vibe. This Paris full length feels like a raw expression of Jimmy, and those involved in video.

Filmed in Paris over the summer of 2020 by Jim Larkz. Featuring Amelien Foures, Andrea Dupre, Lucas Languasco, Adrien Chabiron, Edouard Depaz, Jerome Sossou, Cesar Budroca, Alix Malnati, Joshua Marques, Santiago Sasson, Hugo Corbin, Erik Mueller, Flo Taverne, Léo Cholet, PJ Chapuis, Sergey Sharabakin, Victor Cascarigny , Lucas Allard, Thomas Courteille, Steven Faure, Kemisse Zouikri and Ali Jbiloul.

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