Vxphone #3logyc - Cabanaomundao | Phone Fisheye Edit

We support the idea of putting out legit street edits filmed on the phone because it keeps you hot for the real deal and creates fun content for everyone! The clips from this crew shine fresh light to what is possible to do with a skate edit filmed on the phone with a fisheye.

Vxphone emerged from the need of many people skateboarding to have someone ready to film. It started in Barcelona from a few friends who were just having nothing but fun filming and editing street edits on the phone. Making an edit with friends became almost a form a therapy if anyone had a bad day. They  took this extended filming mission back their home turf in Brazil and around the world! This video ended up being a collab with the BCN based Happy Bearings, so it proves you can make a quality skate edit for a brand on your phone!  


Amigos: Rodrigo Quintilhano @r.griloq

Diogo Ramos de Oliveira @diogogema

Igor Henrique @igorhenriqueskt

Igor Quintilhano @igorquintilhano

Giulio Delia @giugliodelia

Leonardo Bibiano @babutalvez

Matheus @offnine9

Hendrik Santos @hendriksantos_

Felipe Munhoz @felipemunhoz_

Murilo Marques @muriloskate

Bruno Decker @brunodecker_

Renato Souza @renatosk8

Guilherme Trakinas @g_trak

Lucas Simora @lsimoraa Gabriel

Felipe @gabriel1felope_

Régis de Lima @regisdelimap

Ezequiel Pinto @_ezequielmp

Diego de Souza @goodiesouza

Thiago Costa @skthiagocosta

Claudio Fernandes @strangermovies666

Additional Filming: Rodrigo Quintilhano @r.griloq

Niet Pires @sk1ne_

Diogo Ramos de Oliveira @diogogema

Akira Utida @akirautida

Alexandre Calado @_caladoalexandre

Matheus @offnine9

Imad @spliff_hmdr

Diego de Souza @goodiesouza

Flavio Moreira de Oliveira @flaviomoreiad

John Anderson @dickvigarinsta

Guilherme Trakinas @g_trak

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