VXPHONE | Tengo Hambre | Full Length

Charles has done it again, managing to pull off a full length filmed with the Trabajando MiniVx1000 MK1 Lens. Footage from Spain and Brazil combine to bring this project to life featuring tons of G's from all over the world. This video highlights how important it is to remember that its not always about what camera you are using, but how you can use the camera you have. It also shows how the lens when combined with a light, can make for a good setup to film those couple try spots that you have to get in and get out quickly. 

Charles constructed his own filming handle from wood and attached the necessary mounts for the phone, a light, and an external charger. Making it perfect for the extended missions! Also, his choice of filming in 30P in classic mode on the Deathlens app might be the best possible look. Although it's standard def, something about it just looks perfect, and feels easier to get your angles right. 

This video was filmed and edited on an IPHONE. Do I need to say that again? Times are changing! If I was a kid and I could make full length skate videos on something the same size as a Gameboy advance, I would not have thought twice. The fisheye alone for my first camera was $300 when I was 15. . . and I broke it. 

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