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Y'all know who Winkle is, google the man! I was lucky enough to run in him during a session at macba and this was the result. Winkle has shared with me some of his golden filming knowledge that he's cultivated over 2 decades of filming professional skateboarding, with more than half of that time spent, beautiful Barcelona, Spain, filming with some of best in the game

He's one of the most encouraging filmers I've ever skated with, he can pep you up in ways you wouldn't expect. He pays close attention.

These quotes in text form don't do the moment justice but I'll share them anyway. I was trying nose bonk 180 to switch manual at macba when he happened show up of nowhere. Suddenly I realized I was skating the spot with Pat Duffy, while being filmed by Winkle. Adilson started filming me on his phone, as well as some random guy with a DSLR, and the trick started to feel like it was slipping away. I didn't want to tell them to stop filming, I mean three angles would be cool, but as a filmer I can't help but feel guilt when I'm skating on film not landing a trick. Its a time for me to eat my words, you got it, just roll away, the thing I tell everyone I film to do. 

I had never landed this trick, but when tried to tell Winkle that I might not land the trick, and he was quick to say something along the lines of,

"I'm gunna tell CHICAGO that you GAVE UP" 

"Why you wanna stop when you could roll away next try?"

I couldn't stop after hearing that so probably after another 30 tries later I found myself rolling away . . . . . and it felt like I tapped, Winkle however assured me I didn't, but to keep going. I wasn't able to land another one, but I might not have landed one at all if it wasn't for that hype.   

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