WNTR always goes above and beyond in their videos. From the intro to the soundtrack, to the tricks themselves, the experience is truly well thought out. For something coming out of the midwest, where you can only skate for half of the year in decent weather, this video is more or less a skateboarding miracle. Not to mention the mind blowing amounts of crust that gets shredded in this video, these dudes are hardcore. The way some of them skate makes us want to man up and skate the rough spots we often take the pass on .  

Filmed by Alex Havey & Earth Flint Edited by Alex Havey

Additional Filming by Channing Sabir, Kris Suster, Patrick Ring, Dubzy, and Dave Green

ICEBOX" Art by Will Morton

Skateboarding by Dave Green, Benny Fosco, Nick Potter, LJ Falk, Will Morton, Kyle Karkut, Nick Anger, Cole Wayka, Kyle Kahl, Taylor Lalk, Carter Oeflein, Kayne Coniglio, Jacob Colby, Josh Oakes, Rog, Andrew Norris, Gibson Shear, Jakub Sibaugh, Geoff Kopski, Tyson Bowerbank, Jamaine Butler, and Clayton Penny Parker

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