Workhorse | Short Length by Klavs Laivenieks

There is this difference that I've always had to come to terms with when it comes to tricks I am capable of / or willing to try in Barcelona. We all go through this. You see the best tricks and spots you've ever seen before going, and when you get there, its a bit more intimidating than you imagined. Even if the spot is perfect. Many tricks requires some form of tinkering around, and there's not always time to do that. After going so many times, I've noticed that there is this overall really high level of skateboarding that is embodied by those who live there full time. 

I've been so fortunate to get to know what goes down in Barcelona outside of your what favorite American skaters throw down in usually a week or less, which is definitely usually some insane shit, aka Macba trash can, but videos like this are the ultimate treat. They are like a true inside look at skateboarding on a local level in Barcelona.

There are some clips that you are just way more likely to get if you live there full time. It goes beyond pure skate ability though, its logistics, some spots require a lot of effort just to get there and when you are on a skate vacation, and spots are only open on certain days, so it might not be as easy as 1-2-3 to get every spot you've watching obscure skate videos late at night. Other spots might have security or cops, you might have to go back multiple times for one trick, risking tickets or losing a board to the police. It's a part of the game, but when you see such a high level of achievement from those who live in Barcelona, and can't all the spots you see in videos, don't knock yourself too hard, they live there. This can be said about the locals of most cities. There is an aura to those who are holding it down. 

So when you peep all of this footage, keep in mind that every spot has its imperfections, an these "Workhorses" have adapted at a high level to produce what you are seeing. 

This video features a handful of Traba favorites such as Julien Merour and Matheus Dubronks, Timo, Ramon Muniz, Weezy and plenty more heavy hitters.  

"Workhorse" a journey through the eyes of those who call Barcelona home and those who pass through. Filmed over a span of two years with few setbacks like a hard drive failure, leading to the loss and eventual recovery of crucial footage. Grab a beer and enjoy!

Featuring: Matheus Dubronks, Wanja Bach, Benjamin Winther, Vinicius Santos, Ramon Muniz, Mats Johansson, Mario Luraschi, Tim Janke, Filip Wojnowski, Daniel Ledermann, Domi Maul, Kevin Welter, Charles Lokura, Robert Born, Marin Perez, Bart Mlodystach, Maxime Genin, Timo Meier, Weezy, Roberto Chaves, Kerwin Miranda, Roly Smith, Julien Merour, Ulpf Andersson, Eric Silva 

Filmed & Edited: Klavs Laivenieks


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