YEAH LE YEAH Capsule for FILM Trucks

Fred is one of the most obscure people you can find, we should all be really happy that he skateboards, because this man is clear capable of many interesting things. You might have a new favorite French Fred. He makes pants in a laboratory check them here!

To celebrate the new Capsule with FILM Trucks YEAHLEYEAH aka Fred Ploque-Santos come up with this homemade edit with all his friends and Team Mates 

Featuring Enzo Morel, Flo Maillet, Francois Tizon, Jeremie Daclin, Arthur Fontis, Victor Cascarigny, & Benoit Gonzolin

Edited by YeahLeYeah Filming by Mitch Hoxby, and Luc Mazieres, Thomas Vigoureux, Yoryo, Mario Cano, Pierre Patissou, Max Geronzi, James Cruickshank

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